This shot was taken in Jpeg format. Adjustment done in iPhoto. It was an amazing day.
A warm tone for Sunrise capture in Singapore on 19/01/2012
Facade of Singapore's Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts building.

Did you know?

Before the construction of the MICA building, the Assembly Rooms - a space for public functions and a building that housed a theatre and a school - occupied this site from 1845 to 1856. 
Originally built as a police station, the building was the largest government building and regarded as a modern skyscraper at the time of its completion in 1934.
The steep slopes of Fort Canning had to be cut back and shored up, to provide vehicular access to the back entrance of the building.
The building has a total of 927 windows and they are painted in the colours of the rainbow. Passersby will notice that the windows on the first four stories have the same vibrant intensity while the colours for the fifth- and sixth-story gradually intensify to accentuate the cantilevered balconies which are interesting architectural features of this historical building.

extract from MICA website
Stitched Panorama